ANNOUNCING! Strong, low cost clear bags with incredible tear resistance

Our unique blend of multiple raw materials and additives has enabled us to produce tough, durable thin-film bags that cost less.

Our LDPE clear bags are resistant to oil and water, and have great transparency and a consistent finish, ideal for fresh meat, fish, bread, and vegetable produce.

The bags are manufactured from food grade raw materials, and are heat sealable.

Our proprietary mix of special additives to the LDPE plastic base material has enabled us to produce super-thin yet durable bags that because of their lightness can save in transportation costs and take up less storage space.

Though made with food grade materials, LDPE bags tend to offer less overall strength than HDPE bags. 

BEWARE of dangerous imitations!

Not all LDPE bags are created equal, in fact, some are even dangerous!

Whilst different plastic films or bags may share the same specifications - they can be sourced from different feed stock which can vastly affect end quality.

For example, some bag manufacturers have perfected the art of reducing costs by using contaminated medical waste and other raw feedstock that originate from a variety of undesirable and dangerous sources.

This is one reason why Maxpak is committed to exercising maximum effort, care and control over raw material sourcing activities. All of our raw materials are sourced from trusted, long term supply partners to make high quality and safe products.

Food grade bags

These easy to open and reliable bags are ‘food grade’ quality, meaning, they’re suitable for packing food, snack items and any other food goods.  

We are also in the process of completing our HACCP certification to give you the peace of mind that when it comes to safety we always go by the book – no exceptions.

We have 17 sizes and if you need a size or style that we don’t have in stock, just ask us for a tailored packaging solution and we will create a product just for you.

Just another reason to shop with Maxpak!

That’s why many of our clients have been with us for over two long decades.

Quantity 250 Per Pack, 12 Pack Per Carton (3000)
Color Clear
Size 41x25cm

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